Sunday, 23 June 2013

Update: General and Skin

Hi all. 
So I know it has been a while since I have posted and upload a video (I'm currently editing don't worry). I am in the middle of exam study with my first being Tuesday the 26th and my last being Wednesday the 3rd.  After that I will be updating my blog and YouTube a lot. I will finally complete changing my blog over to Blogspot along with now being able to finally being able to reblog all the makeup related posts that I love. For now I need to keep my love makeup to myself as I feel guilty spending to much time blogging when I should be studying, Since third year is kind of a big deal!

Now an much needed update with my skin. I have been taking Oratane for over a month now. I am in the 'freak out before it gets better stage'. My skin has pimples on my cheeks which has always been my clear spot and also on chin neck area which I never have has an issue with pimples. The ones around chin are the worst and have been painful ones as they seem to have a lot of pressure. However the think the worst is almost over and I am seeing signs that improvement is coming. 

I have has the side effects of the medication too with extremely dry (chapped) lips, nose bleeds, Sore joints (aka a lot of back pain) and over all dryness of my face. I need to exfoliate most mornings and feel guilty as I don't want to stop the medication from what is meant to be doing by using too many skin products. 
Briony xx