Friday, 25 October 2013

Update 25/10/13


So today's post is just a little update as I have been slightly slacking in posts lately. (one didn't upload though I just found out!). If you remember I am currently a third year university student and this is my final semester, so since it currently week 12 out of 13 things are a bit busy as well as stressful. My blog means so much to me however I really want to pass these classes and graduate with my peers, so this means less of a focus on my blog. This is not an excuse just simply letting you know I am going to be happy with less posts during my exam period. I finish classes on the 1st of November, finish exams of the 26th and then I am leaving the country on the 28th. You can say November is a busy month for me. I will be back in the country on the 13th of December and from then onwards my posts should be more frequent I will be aiming for 3 or 4 posts per week and at least 1 YouTube video.

I have some exciting plans for the future along with the fear of the unknown. However I am going to take you every step of the way and share my experiences with you.

Thank you for being amazing followers and readers!

Love Briony xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lazy Days

Since I am still just an university student I often find myself with some days free to stay at home, never on the weekend though, sigh. I am generally busy studying, filming, blogging or cleaning on these days. However my beauty routine for these days seem to be the same.

Not going to lie I do start these days with a big sleep in as I am a sucker for wasting my mornings, only because I'm a night owl. Then a I have a long shower. During my shower I wash my hair and brush it. I like to do this in shower with a heap of conditioner. I really fail at brushing my hair daily so when I wash my hair is my chance to brush it and attempt to have knot free hair for the remainder of the week. Sometimes I will do a mask but I am normally still too sleepy to do one.

After washing my hair next comes the full body exfoliating. I will use a moisturising body wash , I am currently using  a dove one ( Triple moisturising deeply nourishing body wash) and my exfoliating gloves. Although I recently got a body scrub so this has also become part of the body exfoliating. Then I will shave my legs as it is best to do it after you have gotten rid of any dead skin. It makes the hair stay away slightly longer. 

Once I am done showering comes my full body moisturising with oil. I will use my coconut oil all over my body. Putting on some loose clothes after which tend to be my pj's. I will do a face serum, eye serum, eye cream and rose hip oil, occasionally a face moisturiser also.

What do you like to do on your lazy days? 

Briony xx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Top Ten Spring Essentials 2013

Hello all my lovely readers!
Today's post is a collaboration post with my beautiful friend Tara (link to the post on bloglov'in). We did the We Heart Winter Tag on YouTube during the mid year break of uni, so now since it is the spring we are doing a spring related post! Which is exciting, if you like our collabs comment below and I am sure I we will do them more often! 

1: Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 30+
In Australia the spring is hot! In Melbourne it is pretty hot, with some rain, however get any more north and even hotter. I wrote a post recently saying how I am aiming to wear sun block every day I go outside. This is a great product because it gives a lot of protection while having a matte finish. It doesn't making your face really greasy which is nice for a sun block. 

2: Essie Fiji 
This is a staple spring colour pastel baby pink. Nail polish is something that is fun to change for the different seasons. There is so many colours I plan to wear and I will definitely be posting them. So keep a look out. 

3: Soap & Glory Flake Away 
A body scrub is needed during the spring as it is when you begin to wear skirts and dresses. Scrubs are also great for when you fake tan!

4: Gillette Venus Breeze
Shaving becomes a priority it the spring and this one is my favourite. Use it with a  moisturiser and you will gave silky smooth legs.

5: Benefit Coralista
This is new to my collection but I know I will be rocking this through out spring and summer!

6. Revlon Nearly Naked
This a little coverage foundation which is what you want in the hotter months. Who wants foundation dripping off their skin? Gross! A light coverage will hide your imperfection while still letting your skin be seen.

7: Simple moisturiser 
Once spring comes it's time to say goodbye to all those thick day time moisturisers. Think something light and refreshing. This is a really light one that can feel like your putting water on your face. Since it is made by Simple it's also really good for sensitive skin!
(Picture will be inserted as soon as I find mine. Lol) 

8: YSL Baby doll
I feel like this is my most floral and light scent that I own. Having a floral perfume is perfect for spring this one brings me back to being younger (think early to mid high school ). It can be tricky recommending perfumes as everyone enjoys different scents but for spring I would say pick a fun scent that goes with the sunny weather and blooming flowers!.

9: Maybelline Colour Sensational Fuchsia Flash
Hot weather to me means bright and bold lips. This a stunning hot pink and I love it! A baby pink is also cute for spring if you are looking for something less bold.

10: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Pink Blush
This is a more subtle colour for those who aren't into bold as much as me. This is a nice pale baby pink, it's natural enough during the day also. If you want an easy go to colour this spring I would highly recommend this one. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Liebster Award

Todays posts is on the Liebster award. My friend who I always talk about on her Brodie Nominated me. So thank you Brodie! I am excited about be tagged to do this as it is a way to discover new blogs.

Eleven Facts About Me
1. I started cheerleading in 2011 and have won 3 national titles in Australia for it. (2 in 2011 and 1 in 2012.

2. I have been with my amazing boyfriend for over 2 years and in January we moved in together. ( I moved out before my older sister!)

3. My family has weird patterns with birthdays! All my sibling one month minus 4 days apart from each other. My birthday is a week before my mother's and hers is a week before my father's. Along with my sister and I both being born on father's parents birthdays, I was born on my nana's and my sister on my grandpa's.

4. I broke my wrist/hand just before my year 12 exams. Which made me have to speaking them all including English, Chemistry and Math Methods.

5. I spent a month in Laos teaching English to children and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I really want to volunteer again!

6. I am so close to being finished my Undergraduate degree which is a Bachelor of Business and majoring Marketing.

7.  I am going to be in China for two weeks at the very end of November straight after my last exams.
8.  Last year I became an aunty to my niece Jade who is so adorable and she is the background on my phone so I can see her all the time.
9.I turned 22 about 2 weeks ago and I still haven't listened to the Taylor Swift song while being 22.

10. I created my YouTube Channel in 2010 and never posted anything until this year 2013.

11. Lastly I vegetarian for 3 years and 11 months. I only stopped because I was getting sick from it and my doctor told me to eat meat again.

Brodies Questions
1. Where did the inspiration for your blog name come from?
My name and adding beauy to the end.

2. If you could have any one person in the entire worlds closet and all of it's contents whose would it be & why?

I think I would want someone like Lauren Conrad or Ingrid aka missglamorazzi
3. What's your favourite mascara?

Benefit They're Real

4. Liquid or Pencil eye-liner?
Liquid, for sure. 

5. Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?

Well this is hard I would maybe like to be married, I would be 27 and would most likely been dating Kale for over 7 years. It sounds so strange to say that! I also hope to be a home owner, have a career cosmetic marketing. I hope to still have my blog going as I really enjoy blogging.

6. What's your favourite childhood memory?

That is so hard!! I had an amazing childhood and this because I have an sweet, caring and loving family. We took so many holidays, experienced all different sports and play silly but fun games! Plus I had pretty create friends to grow up with too. 

7. Signature Scent?

I don't have one! I wish I did, but I don't :( 

8. What is your favourite cruelty free brand?

Sukin as it is not only is it cruelty free it is also carbon neutral and most of the time organic. It's Australian too which I love!

9. What is your ideal night-in?
A really tasting dinner with kale and then lots of movies or a marathon of a television shows.  

10. Who is your favourite beauty-guru of all time?
This one is such a tough one! I would have to say it would be have to be tie between Allthatglitters, Missglamorazzi and Zoella. However I subscribed and have to watch so many more people's! 

11. What's your favourite drug-store and high-end brand?
My favourite drug store would have to be Maybelline for International and then for an Australian I can not go past Australis. Hight end I really enjoy Benefit and Nars. 

My Questions

1. What beauty product have you repurchased the most in your life? 
2. What age did you begin to wear make up? 
3. Where do you get your inspiration? 
4. Is your dream job beauty related? 
5. Favourite YouTuber? 
6. What made you decided to start your blog? 
7. Where will you been in 5 years? 
8. Drug store or high end? 
9. Fashion or make up? 
10. Which decade has the best make up style?
11. What is your favourite make up brand? 

I do not know many new blogs, my friends who have new blogs have all been tagged so feel free to tag yourself or contact me :) 

Briony xx

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Nails of The Week # 2

This week I have on Essie - Fiji and Australis - Shimmy Shake. Both I got for my birthday, both very very girly. I am in love with this look and plan to wear it again or play around with the placement of the glitter. 

This was the first single coat of Fiji. Awesome quality. 

Glitter is my thing! 

The lovely polishes. 

Briony xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Series Helping Jess

Yay so am starting a new series woo! People who know me in 'real life' know in July one of my university friends ( more like only uni friend!) moved in with me. When it comes to beauty we are completely different. Jess wears makeup everyday, uses soap to wash her face, straightens her hair almost daily and I am constantly reminding her to take off her make up. 

Recently washing her face with soap has stopped working for her, no surprise right? Well together we are going to find the solution to her skin issues, hopefully. We are going to start with finding her an actually cleanser and maybe a set to use. Money is no object here as she Is willing to pay more money if that means results. 

I am really excited about this series as it can be a way for me to research and buy things but not have to pay for it. 

If you have recommendations for Jess that would be great and we can all work together to help Jess out. 

Briony xx