Saturday, 27 July 2013

Skincare Sale At Priceline

All so I thought I would make sure all my Aussie readers are aware of the the two day sale at Priceline starting on Tuesday the 30th and ending on Wednesday the 31st of July. There is 40% off all skincare over the two days. I am hoping to go in and grab myself some bargains. If I do of course I will post all about them.
Any that you would recommend? Also if you go tell me what you get!

Briony xx

Friday, 26 July 2013

Flashback Friday: New Series Starting Soon!

So this week I annoyed pretty much all my friends on Facebook. As I decided it would be fun to create a new series on my blog and potentially on my Youtube also. So I went through all my old tagged photos and saved ones I like or ones that I thought were funny/ different to now.  Featuring my make up looks that I used wear. Some I still like and should recreate as I still believe they are flattering while others I do not understand how I thought that looked good. I will give you guys a hint of my old taste lots and lots of black eye liner. It is crazy how different my taste in make up had become. So brace yourselves for the make up fails of the past.
Briony xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

5th February 2013- Eye Brows

Eye Brows

I recently purchased the Jordana Brow/ Eye Shadow in Brunette. if you saw my recent haul then you will know I purchased it from the website beauty joint. I have fairly dark eye brows that I am strict on grooming. However I think that using this powder defines my eyebrows more. I am not always going to wear eyebrow powder as this is only for a made up look. For more natural looks I will not be wearing this. I am going to when I looking for a complete look. Here are pictures of my brows with the powder on. Leave me a comment if you use brow powder!
Briony xx


8th December 2012- The Love of My Life

There are not really any words that can describe the love I have for Lucas’ papaw ointment. I think nearly everyone in Australia has this,(I literally sold it to a five year old this week!). My lips have always been on the dry side so having products like this necessary. I used to love Vaseline as a child but I find this is better and more multi purpose  I use this on cuts, dry hands, chaffing’s, elbows and honestly anywhere I feel I think is dry or will amuse my small mind. I just think it is a must in everyone’s lives. If you don’t have this I would seriously wonder if you have been living under a rock as this is a cult product. I carry around the large 75g tub as I always loose the tube I think I have only every finished two tubes in my life as I lose it so quickly. The tub will last such a long time too compared to the tube so I love carrying around the tub in my large bag taking it everywhere I go!


3rd December 2012- Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

You have to smell this and buy it. End of story really! this is an awesome scent which is sophiscated but sexy and sweet at the same time. This my favourite perfume from my collection and the one I reach for if I am going out somewhere special or I need just need to feel special. It is expensive but makes a lovely gift if someone is willing to pay the price or if you have cash to burn.
Now get it! Christmas is soon so you could always ask for it.

8th of October 2013- Ulta3 Nail Polishes

For you who don’t know the brand Ulta3 they are a make up company that makes Lipsticks, pencils, nail polishes, eye shadows, blush, foundations and powders. There are available at Available at Terry White Chemists, Blooms the Chemist, Good Price Pharmacy Ulta3 can also be found at select Coles, Woolworths, and Target stores. I currently have 3 of the nail polishes I them all from Coles and they were all $2. The quality of the nail polishes is pretty amazing for the price. They are worth a lot more than $2 in my opinion and the price makes me want to be buy more of their products to build up my nail polish. You do need to two coats of the nail polish to get the desired looked but most nail polishes are the same so this is not a down side to the nail polish. The nail polish does last and comes in a large variety of colours. So I really recommend their nail polishes and will be buying more soon. 


Briony xx

15th October 2012- Maybelline Baby Lips Glow

Hey all

I never expected to love this product so much. I have the mixed berry one and it smells pretty good. I purchased this one as I thought it might have colour like the ones you see the beauty gurus from the US have. I was right the glow series have colour. This one is in a subtle pink which looks so cute. I love the colour it looks so natural but noticeable enough to be seen.
When I first opened this product I thought it wasn’t coloured and I put it all over my lips and slightly over as my lips are always extremely dry. I then was shocked when I looked in the mirror to see that I in fact did have colour. So be warned it does look like slightly try is a clear balm when you open it. It gradually gets more noticeable in time. Also the more you put on logically makes it becomes noticeable. So I recommend as soon as you notice your lips getting slightly dry lips put more on to have soft and tinted lips.
Briony xx


10th April 2013- Yes To Carrots Moisturiser

Yes To Carrots Moisturiser
this is my favourite moisturiser like ever! I find that is doesn't leave my skin looking oily all day long unlike other moisturisers. I try and use the ones with oil as my skin is dry and I want to counteract that. This one is the one that makes my skin not seem oily after wearing moisturiser. Some I find I can feel it on my face hours later which I hate, this doesn't do that. 
I stopped using this for a while as it got lost in my collection, I am so glad I started using this product again. I finished it up though which has made me sad. I plan on repurchasing this moisturiser soon, just want to make sure I use up all my other day time ones before as I don’t want them to go to waste.
In short this product is awesome. It is always nearly all natural not tested on animals etc. 
Briony xx

7th Februray 2013- Snowkissed Cashmere Eye shadow Palette- Skylark by Elle & Blair

Snowkissed Cashmere Eye shadow Palette- Skylark by Elle & Blair

It is a Pallete created by beauty gurus on YouTube. I am massive fan which I’m sure my friends, sister and boyfriend would be able to tell you that. I ordered this palette online on Blush which is not the most convenient website as there is a $20 international delivery fee with no option for spending more money and receiving free shipping like other websites. Also not all products are aviable for international shipping.

Onto the palette itself. The packaging is really cute with the only downside it doesn’t have the most protective closing (it is magnetic). It contains 6 eyeshadows, one highlighter and a dual ended brush. The eyeshadows are Lace, Blitzen, Pinecone, Nutmeg, Ember, Shiver and highlighter Satin Sparks.The Lace eyeshadow is the only matte colour and clearly made as a eyebrow highlight. This means that the colour can not be used as an eyelid colour and not as pigmented or quality as all other colours. Blitzen, Pinecone and Nutmeg are all colours that I adore wearing during the day or night. Blitzen is a lovely eyelid colour or all over colour for a minimal Bronzed look. Pinecone and Nutmeg are nice crease colours are easily blended. The colours Ember and Shiver I have used to play around with however they are not colours I would normally wear. A red is not a colour I tended to where on my eyes. The blue is dark and not to light that it looks tranny like. Blue is a nice colour for blue eyes but it can sometimes to be hard to pull off. However I instructions they give to pull off the colour isn’t as simple as is made out to be. The Cheek highlight is an amazing colour to go with a brozned look. It makes an understated look that I have been wearing alot lately. The Brush is is nice quality and one that I am happy to use it everyday.

overall I have been enjoying the pallete alot ever since it was delivered. It is one of my favourite at the moment. I do think it will stay one of my favourites for the next few months I think it will be nice to use in autumn and winter since that was when it was released in the USA.

I may do a tutorial soon let me know if you would like one.

Briony xx

4th of October 2013- Amazing Eyeliner

I got a new eye liner for my birthday it was the Bourjois Liner Feutre Ultra Black 24 hr. I needed a new eye liner as my face of Australia one has almost run out. So excitedly I decided to test it’s claim of 24 hr by making a dash on my hand. You know what it lasted over 24 hours on my hand which included two baths and heaps of hand washing. I decided it passed the first test of lasting so I wore it cheer training. After tears and lots of rubbing of the eyes it remained looking almost the same as it had when I put it on. I did have panda eyes after the tears but with a wipe of a tissue they were all gone and my liner was looking amazing once more. I am sold this is my new favourite eye liner and I am so grateful for my friend getting it for me!

At first I found the felt tip slightly difficult to use as it is longer and skinnier than the Face Of Australia eye liner. However After using the liner more I find it easier to do a think line and my eye liner turns out more even.
Briony xx


Skin Update: Just Over 2 Months mark

So I have now increased my dosage of Oratane and it is very visible.My skin has gotten a hell of a lot dryer on all over my body. My face is dry too but I am keeping my face from feeling completely tight by using my rose hip oil. My body I have had to change completely my routine. For the first two months I was fine with just using a moisturising body wash, shaving with moisturiser and putting on a moisturiser every so often. After I had up the dosage my body felt dry and had start doing something daily. I am now using coconut oil as I have heard lots of raving reviews about the multiple uses of coconut oil. So far I am loving it but I will write a full review later on when it has been more than a week. I feel like my skin has less breakout now meaning that the worst is finally over and the clearing will begin. hoping that the redness in my skin will go away also. That is enough for this update but I am sure I will have plenty more to tell you soon!
Briony xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

19th May 2013- Sunday Spotlight 6 Models Prefer Professional Ultra Lipgloss Pencil

Models Prefer Professional Ultra Lip gloss Pencil I own the one in Crowd Pleaser and I love it. It’s hot pink and super pigmented. The lasting power is pretty good. It will last over an hour. I still pack it with me when I go out but you don’t need to touch it up that often. I am just in love with the colour even though it is getting cooler in Australia I am very drawn to wearing this bright lip!

The product was in my Priceline beauty haul. 
Swatch is here.
Of course because I am telling you how much I love it I can’t find it!
Briony xx

12th May 2013- Sunday Spotlight #5 Benefit They’re Real

I took a picture with one eye having it on and other not I think the picture speaks for itself!

Okay so my skin looks gross in the picture but if you look at the lashes. I love the way my lashes look in this picture. The only bad thing about Benefit They’re Real is that it can be a pain to take off.

Briony xx

24th March 2013- Sunday Spotlight #4 Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Finishing Powder

My current favourite powder highlighter is the Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brighten. I had stopped using this product as I found it was getting hard to use. It randomly stopped putting as much product on my brush so it got pushed aside for other highlighters. Although recently it has been the one I am pulling out to use. It is a pinky pearl colour which I like on my pale skin. I think it is a very pretty look and gives a nice touch of highlight. I know use a small blush brush to apply this or my fingers bigger brushes do not get much product of the bakes surfaced. I used this for natural daily looks and even more dramatic night looks. It is a long lasting product I have had it months and it looks like it has barely been touched so no need to be thinking about re-purchasing but I think I would when in the very far away future when I run out.

Briony xx 

17th March 2013- Sunday Spotligh #3 Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I have been using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder ever since I ran out of my Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder. I think Both are amazing products. The Stay Matte powder I own is the Transparent and it is my first ever ever transparent powder. I like that I don’t have to worry whether it will be make my skin look cakey or not match my foundation. This powder is made for oily skin but it works well for dry too. I tried this because one of my friends loves it and I am glad I did thanks Maddy. This is a product I will be re-purchasing. Which will be soon since I hit pan which you can see in the picture below!

Briony xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

10th March 2013- Sunday Spotlight #2 NYX Blush Dusty Rose

Sunday Spotlight: NYX Blush

So this month my favourite blush has been the NYX blush in Dusty Rose. It is one I ordered online and I don’t think is available in Australia. It has been the blush I have been drawn to the most which is saying a lot since I have so many blushes. The name says it all really dusty rose. I have heard a few beauty gurus on YouTube which was why I picked that colour to order. I the colour is subtle enough for every day wear and but can be worn with a bold eye or lip. I don’t think I could rave about this product enough I think it will be something I will give to friends. Also it’s not tested on animals which is awesome.
Briony xx

24th February 2013- Sunday Spotlight #1 Simple Kind To Eyes

Sunday Spotlight: Simple Kind To Eyes

Simple eye make up remover
Purchased the a travel version of the simple Kind To Eyes  eye make up remover. Not long after first using the remover I purchased the full size of the make up remover as the product does a great job at removing make up waterproof and red lips that stain. The remover removes all traces of any make up. It is a product I plan to repurchases again and again. So I think that shows how great I think the product is.
It is made for sensitive skin and eyes so it doesn't cause break outs or hurt your eyes. I have annoyingly sensitive eyes and this product works for them.
Briony xx

Spotlight Sunday Spamming

Spotlight Sunday was a series I had on my Tumblr and I want to have on my new blogger too. So there will be some spamming to get all my old Spotlight posts on here so I can begin having new review on Sundays!
Let it begin!

Briony xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Get To Know Me Tag

Hi all
I did the get to know me tag. It was inspired by my lovely friend Tara who has created her very own YouTube channel. This i a long video which I edited down a lot! If you are interested in learning some small details of my life outside of the internet feel free to watch.

Briony xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

13th of May- Makeup Wipe Monday #2

Swisspers natural cucumber refreshing facial cleansing wipes. If you saw my collective haul then you would have saw that I purchased the small sample size pack. The wipe itself is very large which I enjoyed however it is completely smooth which is a down side. It was okay at taking off my makeup I still felt there was a small amount on my face still. The smell is amazing and one I really enjoyed.

Would I repurchase these wipes? Yes I would for a weekend away as I like that there is only 5 and the packet is small. I would not buy the large size though as I think it is too expensive for the quality of the product given.
Briony xx


6th of May- Makeup Wipe Monday #1

Makeup Wipe Monday 1

Hey there lovely!
This is the first post of my new series! I the first makeup wipes I am going to talking about is the Models Prefer DEEP clean, 3 in 1 exfoliating cleansing wipes.
Like the name suggests these are exfoliating wipes meaning they have little bumps all over the wipe. I love wipes that have these as they take makeup off alot better. The packaging for these are also great as it has a plastic lid which helps to keep the wipes fresh. The wipes are really wet and don’t seem to dry up. I have sensitive skin and the wipes haven’t made me break out or go red.
The price is about $7 to $7.50 however I got mine on sale for $3.50. The price is the only downside to the product.
Overall I really like these wipes I really do like these wipes. Will I buy them again yes I will. I may wait to see if they go on sale again and stock up though. If you haven’t tried them you should as they do a good job of removing your makeup.
(imaged from priceline website)
Briony xx


29th of April- New Series! Makeup Wipe Monday

New Series! Makeup Wipe Monday
I am now starting a new series on my blog all about makeup wipes. If you have watched my current YouTube Video you will know that I have gone Crazy lately with makeup wipes. I am on the quest to find the best one so on Mondays it’s will be makeup wipe Monday! I am not going to promise a new part in the series every Monday because let’s be real I need to actually use the wipes and not just waste them.
I am super excited about this series so let me know if you have any makeup wipes you love and that I should try!
Briony xxxx

Prepare For Spam

Hi all!
Since it is a Monday I thought I would start up my Makeup Wipe Monday again. So I  am posting here all the posts that I got up to. Then  the series will be able to begin again. I am Majorly excited to bring you my favorite old posts.
So Yes let the spamming begin. I hope you all understand! I love Blogging and YouTube so much but sometimes my life gets in the way. Along with my current addiction to sailor moon....( if you want to see my tweets about the show!)

Love you all
Be prepared.
Lol now it is past midnight so not Monday!