Friday, 27 February 2015

The Week #1 27/02/2015

Hi all!

I am starting the a new series on my blog this week! I have decided to get back into blogging!

I am not sure if many of you would know this but I have recently started working full time. My life has changed so much in the last few months and I am very grateful for the change. 

The latest book I have read. 
The Book: 
The Fallen Crest High Series - Tijan. I have recently read the whole series and boy was it addictive! I can't say that is the most realistic book series as the main character finds herself living with the richest and the most popular boys in town. Though not going to lie they are some of my favourite kind of books. 

The Show: 
My new housemate and I have been watching Doctor Who. I want her to get home so we can watch more but I know we are up to "The Empty Child" and that gave me nightmares in 2005! 

Sonia's Hair! I got better. I promise.

The Hair: 
The doughnut! I have finally semi mastered the art of rolling the hair doughnut to make a super cute bun. I attempted on my housemate and after trying on someone elses hair it became a lot easier. 

The Random: 
Kale and I. 
I went to a wedding on the 21st of February. My cousin got Andrew got married to his beautiful bride. I was very honoured to be invited it was a stunning wedding. It might have made me a little excited for the day I get married one day. 

Briony xx