Saturday, 4 October 2014

Shameless selfies #13 Annie's Party

Hey all 

This posts are from june but I had a lot of selfies to share before these pictures came online. Annie I had an amazing time at you party and you looking stunning! No captions needed for this on. 

Briony xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

Hi and Life Update!

Hi guys!
I am know I haven't posted much recently and I know there is no excuses however I thought I would would update you on what has been happening in my life recently.

Work makeup a little bit of my outfit

1. I worked six weeks full time doing a temp job. While doing this I also worked my part-time jobs contracted hours on the weekend. Six weeks with no days off does take a toll on you, thus no regular posts.

Picture of my dessert on my birhtday. Thanks Sonia 

2. I had my birthday! I turned 23, I'm now officially in my mid twenties! Sah old!!

Our first meeting! 

Josh William 18.09.2014
3. I became an Auntie again!  My brother just welcomed to the world a beautiful son named Josh. I am in love with him!

The flight home. 
4. I went to New Castle, it was beautiful.

5. Also my boyfriend's grandmother made us the most amazing pillow ever!

Love Briony

New posts coming soon. Watch this space. xx