Monday, 31 March 2014

Makeup wipe Monday #8 Derma Intensive +

Hi lovelies! 

I got these wipes from Coles and they are extremely cheap. They weren't the best quality but it is decent enough for the price. It was decent enough for taking mistakes off my face while doing my makeup or cleaning my dirty makeup brushes while doing my makeup. I most likely will not purchase these wipes again. As I can get better quality wipes for a similar price. These wipes dry out extremely quick and don't take off your makeup in one wipe, at least two are needed. Basically these are one of the cheapest brands on the market and there quality reflects that.

Briony xx

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spotlight Sunday #12 Maybelline Express Remover

Hey all,

This weeks spotlight product is dedicated to my beautiful sister Megan, who bought the Maybelline Express Remover for me! I have seen nail polish removers before on YouTube but had never actually seen them in Australia. It is as simple as it sounds and oh boy do I love the simplicity of it. This is a true creation for the lazy girl! Maybe the time poor too.

You literally put your fingers in the sponged area and twirl your finger around for about two second and your nail polish will be gone. It does take a couple of seconds extra for glitter or black, but I have found it is only a few seconds longer. It is a lot easier than the old method of removing nail polish and takes dramatically less time. It is also very portable as it is just a container and lid, everything is all together. I plan to take this away with me on my next holiday.

Will I repurchase this product again? Yes, of course, it is perfect for when your nails are chipped but you don't have enough time to take them all off with cotton balls/pads. It basically encourages me to be lazy and leave things to the last minute. Which I am okay with.

Briony xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Have You Seen My Latest Videos?

Hey there!

Have you seen my latest videos? I have posted three which I haven't shared with you all so here they are! February Favourites, Priceline Hair Care Haul and My Apartment Tour! Hope you can watch them! More videos are coming now.

Briony xx

Pale Girl Tans #3 Bondi Sands

Hey lovelies!

Bondi Sands is the latest Tan I have add to my collection. It is a well known Australian brand which I have heard so much hype about! It is only $20 at Priceline so it is super affordable and I really couldn't resist making an impulse buy. I got the Light/ Medium colour because I am still too scared to go dark, I am working my way up.

I used my Le Tan Tanning Mitt to apply the product, like with my J Bronze. The tan go on dark and is slightly lighter than the final colour. I prefer tans that go with colour because it makes the process of fake tanning easy for a beginner like me.  It just helps with not missing spots and having an even tan. The final colour is lighter than the J Bronze although it is a lovely natural colour which is made to be built upon. The label will give you guide for building on the colour, it can be left on longer or applying more tan an hour after the first application. The scent of the tan is a coconut scent and is not unpleasant at all, it is present though.

Will I repurchase this tan? Hell yeah it is a great product and I could easily see it becoming a staple in my beauty collection.

Briony xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nails Of The Week #4

One coat of the essence nail polish! So impressed! Will be purchasing more soon! I also love the not-too-deep red. 
I added a feature nail and this is how it turned out. Not the best effort but it looks good enough. It lasted a few days though. 

Briony xx 

This I forgot to publish so I thought I would just do it tonight after I posted another one tonight. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Where have I been?

Hey all
You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. There is a reason behind this and that is someone told me that my writing sometimes doesn't make sense. I have never a great English student and have always preferred to speak than write, so I have been too nervous to post. I know it wasn't someone trying to hurt me when they said it and that they are only trying to improve my blog but it still made me not feel like posting. I have plenty of post ready to go and can be posted at any minute but because I hadn't gotten them checked by someone who is better at writing then me, I haven't posted. 

I am done being too scared to post. I am human, I'm allowed to make mistakes. So if you see something that does't make sense tell me but that isn't going to stop me sharing with you anymore. 

Also you have seen I have been posting on YouTube still there has been three new videos since I last posted on here I will write little posts to accompany the videos soon. 

Love you! 

Briony xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Products February 2014

Hey all!
It shouldn't surprise you that I have been shopping lately. I can't seem to stop myself! This were all purchases in February the post is just going up a little later than I expected!

Garnier Micellar  Cleansing Water
This is meant to be a dupe for Bio Derma. I figured I should try it since I love Bio Derma, just not the price tag! I saw this posted on a blog from the UK I think and I was so excited that it came out so quickly in Australia! So when I saw the products in Priceline I had to buy it even though my bank account was begging me not to! I plan to write a review or comparison soon.

Napoleon Perdis Set Palette and Gloss
I got this at Target and it was $14.00 on sale. It was so cheap that I couldn't say no to it. It has 2 blushes, 4 eye shadows, 4 lip colours and come with a separate plumping lip gloss. So far the eye shadows have been amazing quality and the blushes have been extremly pigmented. The plumping lip gloss does sting but I haven't used a plumping product before so I think that would be expected. Overall so far I am very happy with this purchase.

I also made a Kiss and Makeup NY purchase which I got two items

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
This is a product that has been on my wish list for years! I don't have dark spots like the names says but I have acne scares and this products has reviews saying it works wonders for those scars. Most of 2013 I was on skin medication and got my acne to clear up, so as a reward for going through the treatment I got this serum.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers in Pink
I don't have a picture for these because surprise surprise I have already misplaced them! These are just a good pair of tweezers which I was desperately needed. I am a fan of doing my eyebrows regularly as mine are hard to manage if I don't do them every few days. So a splurge for a good brand was needed.

Briony xx

Pale Girl Tans #2 J Bronze by Jennifer Hawkins

Hey all,

As I said last time, I am getting more and more interesting in fake tanning. This weeks tanning post is featuring J Bronze by Jennifer Hawkins Medium Tanning Mousse. It is my first 'high end' fake tan that I have purchased and tested. I can safely say I am a big fan of this product already.

The product was recommend to me while I was in China by one of the girls on the trip so I was pretty interested in trying it when I got home. So when I saw the 40% off fake tan sale at Priceline on boxing day, I was quick to snap this up! I went for the medium colour as even though I was told it was green based I was scared to go too dark. The mousse, I was told will give you a streak free application and with the cost being slightly high I went with the safe choice.

I apply mine with a Le Tan Tanning mitt and have no issues with streaking. It goes on with colour so you can see where you have applied easily, which was the issue I had with the Garnier one.  It takes about four hours for the colour to reach its full darkness which is pretty decent. The smell isn't a bad one and my boyfriend couldn't even smell it on day one of the tan.

The colour itself is in my opinion really natural and dark. I feel like I am very tan with this colour but I think this is because I am used to being extremely pale. It would not be dark enough for a cheerleading competitions, so if that is why you are self tanning go for the darker colour.

Will I repurchase this product as I am already in love with the product and the colour! I will consider trying the darker colour.

Briony xx