Monday, 27 January 2014

Update: The internet will soon be back in life

Helllo to all my lovely readers! 
As you may know I recently moved and with that comes the long annoying wait to get things installed. The 10 business days are almost up, big thanks to Australia Day for making the wait longer! So regular posts will be starting again when it is finally installed and I will be able to actually upload videos on my YouTube channel! I have a get ready with me from New Years Eve that should be going up later in the week. Late I know but I moved, also better late than never. 

Some exciting news for me too! I finally finished my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree! I am so excited and nervous about what is to come! I will have a lot more time for blogging now so watch out for that. 

Love all of you and will blog soon I promise! 

Briony xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nails of the week #3

I haven't posted in a while! Sorry but I don't have the internet yet! I am writing this on my phone! 
For my nails this week I am wearing Essie - Lilacism. For my statement nails I am wearing OPI - You're Such a BudaPest with Rimmel London- Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat. For extra shine I used my Australis- Top and Base Coat. 


Monday, 13 January 2014

Hipster Central

I told you I would keep you posted on my move and guess what I have moved!! We are now living in a third level apartment in a very hipster/ indie area. It is a great location as it is very close to public transport and everything I could possibly need!

The make up is slowly getting set up, although I want to create a new storage set up for my make up and go through it to toss anything that is no longer good quality.

I am going to upload a vlog of the apartment soon, my get ready with me new years eve and some photos from my beautiful cousin's wedding! So lots happening here soon if you give me a little time to clean, move everything and unpack!

Briony xx

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Video Finally! Top 13 Products

I finally made a new Youtube video!! I am making the commitment to post more frequently and am aiming to not take so many breaks! Keep me motivated by subscribing!

Briony xx

Top 13 Products of 2013

Hello lovelies,
Welcome to 2014! I thought I would share my favourite products of 2013! 

These are in no order whatsoever! I hope that we might have shared some of the same favourite products. 

1. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer - 01
If you have watch my video you would know this is my favourite concealer and I am pretty sure I only tried it for the first time in 2013. I am almost finished my second concealer and plan to repurchase soon! It is a full coverage concealer which I find works best for me. I would highly recommend. 

2. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal - Barely Branded 
I got my first colour tattoo once again in 2013 and now have three as they are amazing products. If I am wearing eye shadow there is a 90% chance I am wearing Barely Branded as it is a perfect neutral everyday colour. I will even wear it going out which you will see in my New Years Eve Get Ready With Me. Fast and simple product that still looks amazing. This can always be found on sale also so another bonus! 

3. Benefit Gimme Brow- Medium/Deep 
This product was only released late in the year but I adore it. I became more interested in styling my eyebrows in 2013 and this is definitely the best out of all the brow products I have tried. This makes doing your brows super easy and practically impossible to screw up! 

4. Essence Eyeshadow- 01 Chill Out
I mentioned during the year I have been looking for the perfect white eye shadow to highlight my inner corner with and this is the one! This is super cheap along with being awesome quality you can not ask for anything more than this one! 

5. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub 
I had super dry lips this year and this worked for me. Yes you can use brown sugar and olive oil but that is messy so this is simple and easy. It isn't expensive so there is no reason to not just buy a lip scrub. The smell is amazing and super yummy so it is makes you want to use it!

6. Bourjois Volume Glamour Max - 51 Noir Max
I got this mascara from the Priceline beauty bag in 2013, I am so glad I did as I had never looked at the Bourjois Mascara before. It is true to it's name and is very voluminous. The brush is really big and convex. Love, love, love this mascara.

7. Ralph Lauren, Ralph Fragrance
I love this fragrance it is a clean and crisp scent. I find that it is good for everyday and versatile. I have pretty run out but I do plan on repurchasing it again soon.

8. Essie Nailpolish
I slightly cheated with this one as I didn't pick a colour I picked the brand as a whole. Since priceline started selling Essie this year that is has become assessable us Australians. I love the Essie brand I only have three colours myself, but my house mate has a few also that are pretty too.

9. Hydraluron
I have already blogged about this so I don't think I have to say much about this product. I adore it and my skin is so grateful for having it in my life.

10. Frank Coffee Scrub
This has become super popular this year and it is understandable why. This is a rough scrub so if you body is sensitive than this isn't for you. This scrub targets cellulite and stretch marks which is something that is something I want to get rid of. If you love coffee you will love the smell of it!

11. Coles 4 in 1 Cleansing Wipes
These are the best budget makeup wipes! I think they are better than more expensive wipes. Seriously do yourself a favour and try them!

12. Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser
I love this cleanser and the review was my last post! I do plan to eventually repurchase this cleanser.

13. Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil 
This is amazing for your skin oil or dry! I am in love with this product it really did help me so much when I was on the skin medication.


14. Organi Organic Honey Peel 
Okay so I miscounted lol! So this is the bonus product! Picking only 13 is hard! This is another product that I have already reviewed! I really enjoyed this peel as it left my skin feeling amazing afterwards. I am looking for a dupe of this product though as it expensive and while I am still working part time it is a bit out of my budget!

This is my Top Products of 2013! I really hope you had an amazing year and hope that you will stick around to read more of my posts in the future! Bring on 2014!!

Also if you want a review of any of the products let me know. :)

Briony xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Spotlight Sunday #11 Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

I got this cleanser months ago off ebay at reduced price, ($12 + $6.95 P.P, $18.95). I had not heard anything about the brand when I purchased the cleanser but I had that week purchases my friend Maddy their eye cream, so I wanted to try the brand myself. I am so glad I purchased this that as I love it and believe it has saved my skin this year. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I have dry skin and this cleanser is targeted towards dry or mature skin.

I will either just put it straight on my face or rub it beteween my hands until it forms an oil. Then I will massage it into my face until I feel my face is clean. It is difficult to get off so a wash washer ( flannel) is need or a lot of water. I'm not going to lie some days I will keep a bit of the residue on my face as it feels so moisturiserimg. I think this was a perfect choice of cleanser for me while I was on the medication. The smell of the product is very natural and nature like so if you don't like those smell it may be the best choice but the smell does grow on you and you begin to love it.

Now would I repurchase it right now no as I am broke but in the future I would love to. It is expensive but it is worth it, so if you want to spend more on cleanser to get value and quality I think this would be a great choice. 

Briony xx