Saturday, 23 August 2014

Shameless selfies #10


When I met Beauty Crush and Tasha Green

A slightly better angle

Selfies in line to meet them

Colourful eyeliner! Purple and teal.

Mexican night with the girlies. 

Briony xx

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Shameless selfies #9

Hi all

This is was a point where I decided I really needed a haircut!

Before one of my cousin's engagement party

Snap chat of my prescription sunnies I got from China. How cute are they!

Before filming one day

MAC Rebel


Super happy!

Video on this hair

Briony xx

Monday, 4 August 2014

June and July Favourites 2014

Hey all

I felt like I had no favourites last month so I didn't bother with a post and decided that I would post about June and July together.

Beauty Favourites

Stila in The Light Eyeshadow Palette
I purchased this palette during June and it took forever to get shipped here, should have done express but I'm too poor! Seriously love at first sight! I love just staring at it, so so so pretty! I don't know why I never wanted it before, Tara had spoken about and bought the palette ages ago! I also purchased this for Brodie this year for her 21st birthday. It has the famous eyeshadow Kitten and omg I completely understand all the hype.

People for Plants Australian Organics Mist Toner
I am loving this toner that I got in the Priceline Skin Care Bag. I am not the most sure if it does much as I have been stepping up my skin care game lately so my skin has improved and I can't complete place what has made it improve. However I adore spraying it my face, very refreshing and it makes me feel good to my skin. I love that it is cruelty free, 97.9% organic and Australian Made.

Premium Spa Australia Face & Body Mask, White Clay, Rosehip and Chamomile
I got this face mask in a Lust Have It box I think and I was really underwhelmed by the getting this mask. I didn't want to use a mask made for the body on my face. However when I did try it I enjoyed it so much that I have used it multiple times a week! I have even gotten Kale to try it hehehe.

Dawsons Creek
I am addicted to this show! I had previously watched this show up to the start of season five. I decided to rewatch the show and force Kale to as well! I am flying through the show so much. I Joey and Pacey are my OTP. I love them together so so so much! I want to do a makeup look inspired by the show since 90's is so in and I am love the 90's. I think it is almost time to rewatch my faves Ten Things I hate About You and Drive Me Crazy.

New Girl
I love Zoey, she is stunning! I have binge watched this show and I am not sorry! I just want Jess and Nick together! I like having a short show to watch as you can watch 3 episodes and it's only just been longer than an hour.

Sex and the City
I have mentioned this before but I just finished the final season and just found out Mr Bigs name! So this has to be a favourite as it won't be mentioned again on the blog unless I love the movies! I love seeing the transition from all the different years in such a short period of time. Although some parts were a bit too racy for me I definitely loved the series and think it is a fun one to watch. 

Comic con
I went to Comic Con in Melbourne this year as my lovely friend Sonia got Kale tickets for his birthday. Sonia if you are reading this thank you! It was a lovely day even with me forgetting my ticket and waiting for Sonia bring a copy for mine. I love all the artwork there and plan to buy some in the future, because let's face if I want that Sailor Moon or Pokemon art! We didn't pay to see any of the actors that was too expensive. We were just content looking at everything and purchasing some small things. I got a two bookmarks one of tangled and another of Jon Snow, they were cute cartoon versions. There was a tattoos being done there too and it did make me want to get a Luna tattoo. Kale and Sonia decided they would get tattoos together but I am yet to decide whether I will as I have a massive fear of needles, honestly my last blood test I nearly passed out!! Definite favourite of the last two months. 

Kale's 21st Birthday
Okay this was Definitely a highlight of the month. Kale got very spoilt I got him a Xbox One and it is one of the coolest things ever. He has family come down from New Castle and that was really nice too. We did lots of things for his birthday it was more like a birthday month! So jealous I could never have a birthday month as I have so many immediate family members born in September I do get a week though, although My nephew is due to be born on my birthday so many not!

This post was meant to be up last week but I have been very sick of late, hopefully we can fix that soon.

Briony xx