Friday, 17 May 2013

Hi all

Hello all,
Today I decided it would be best changed my blog from Tumblr to Blogger. I think I will be still be posting on my tumblr but I would like to posting here too. As I think it would be easier to find everything and just want it more linked with my YouTube account.

I think there will be alot of working making the posts go on here from my Tumblr but I do believe this is the right choice for my life right now. I am mainly excited to be able to look at more stats and be able to find more beauty blogs to read and not just pretty pictures. I don't really even reblog on my beauty tumblr as it more blog and I want all the content to be mine and not break copy right. However I may change that once I completely update this blog with all the content from my Tumblr.

Thank you for understanding.
Briony xx

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