Tuesday, 16 July 2013

6th of May- Makeup Wipe Monday #1

Makeup Wipe Monday 1

Hey there lovely!
This is the first post of my new series! I the first makeup wipes I am going to talking about is the Models Prefer DEEP clean, 3 in 1 exfoliating cleansing wipes.
Like the name suggests these are exfoliating wipes meaning they have little bumps all over the wipe. I love wipes that have these as they take makeup off alot better. The packaging for these are also great as it has a plastic lid which helps to keep the wipes fresh. The wipes are really wet and don’t seem to dry up. I have sensitive skin and the wipes haven’t made me break out or go red.
The price is about $7 to $7.50 however I got mine on sale for $3.50. The price is the only downside to the product.
Overall I really like these wipes I really do like these wipes. Will I buy them again yes I will. I may wait to see if they go on sale again and stock up though. If you haven’t tried them you should as they do a good job of removing your makeup.
(imaged from priceline website)
Briony xx


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