Tuesday, 23 July 2013

8th December 2012- The Love of My Life

There are not really any words that can describe the love I have for Lucas’ papaw ointment. I think nearly everyone in Australia has this,(I literally sold it to a five year old this week!). My lips have always been on the dry side so having products like this necessary. I used to love Vaseline as a child but I find this is better and more multi purpose  I use this on cuts, dry hands, chaffing’s, elbows and honestly anywhere I feel I think is dry or will amuse my small mind. I just think it is a must in everyone’s lives. If you don’t have this I would seriously wonder if you have been living under a rock as this is a cult product. I carry around the large 75g tub as I always loose the tube I think I have only every finished two tubes in my life as I lose it so quickly. The tub will last such a long time too compared to the tube so I love carrying around the tub in my large bag taking it everywhere I go!



  1. I read this because I thought it was about Kale!
    I haven't used paw paw ointment since high school. I might have to give it another go.

  2. Hahaha no a beauty love of mine! Yeah I loved it in high school still do!