Monday, 27 January 2014

Update: The internet will soon be back in life

Helllo to all my lovely readers! 
As you may know I recently moved and with that comes the long annoying wait to get things installed. The 10 business days are almost up, big thanks to Australia Day for making the wait longer! So regular posts will be starting again when it is finally installed and I will be able to actually upload videos on my YouTube channel! I have a get ready with me from New Years Eve that should be going up later in the week. Late I know but I moved, also better late than never. 

Some exciting news for me too! I finally finished my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree! I am so excited and nervous about what is to come! I will have a lot more time for blogging now so watch out for that. 

Love all of you and will blog soon I promise! 

Briony xx

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