Friday, 11 April 2014

Flashback Friday #6

Hey pretties!

The flashback for this week goes all the way back to last Saturday night! So really long ago. It was my friend Cathryn's 21st and it was 90's themed. The theme makes it flashback appropriate, kind of. I went as Ashley Olsen matching my best friend Caitlin who was Mary Kate Olsen. We both wore wigs that I ordered from eBay unfortunately the seller has sold all their wigs but I would highly recommend using eBay. I did a search using the closest destination so that I would get the wig on time, as I may have left it to the last minute.

Hope you enjoy the pictures that I am sharing with you all. I am not looking the thinnest in these pictures but I am working on that and there is no point hiding my current true self.

Briony xx


  1. best post so far~! I wish I could have made it!

    1. Lol Sonia I feel like I should be offended that this is your favourite as I barely spoke about beauty!