Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup Wipe Monday #11 Smart Skin Scented Cleansing Wipes


This Monday we are focusing on the Smart Skin Scented Cleansing Wipes which I think are solely available at Woolworths/ Safeway.  These wipes are reasonable cheap, they cost around $2 each and go on sale for $1 pretty often.

These used to be my favourite budget  friendly wipes before I found the Coles ones which I seem to talk about every week! They are cheap and you can tell this by the quality you get from the wipes. the wipe itself is pretty thin and not the most moist. It takes at least two wipes to take off all of your makeup. These wipes dry up pretty quickly so I suggest you keep these ones in a sandwich lock bag. There isn't much of a scent on these ones and all honesty I think the unscented ones smell worse.

Would I recommend this? Maybe. Will I repurchase? Most likely not.

(Luna likes helping me take pictures!)

Briony xx

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  1. I've bought these as well and I wasn't too impressed either -.-