Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sample Queen #8 Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Eye Mask

Another Sample Week post!

I kind of spent most of the day sleeping so this post is being written pretty late. 

Hot look right? 

I took the picture after opening. lol. 
Today I tried Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Eye Mask. It is a sheet mask for both your eyes. It is really wet in the packet that it comes in. The liquid is really wet and thick, it does make a mess. My first impression of the mask is that is has a cooling effect on the under eye area. It's cold but a pleasant and gives the impression that is doing something. 

There are a few problems I have with the eye mask. The little slits for the eyes are tiny. I feel like half my eyes are covered in the mask. I guess I could have my eyes closed while the mask is on, but why have the gaps if I shouldn't have my eyes open? I feel like there is a scent going on on the mask, which is not the best feature for eye products. 

Do I feel like my eyes are less puffy after using this? Yes I do slightly, I feel like it  makes the eye area look less wrinkled. Not that I have much wrinkles, I think it just makes the area look firmer. 

Would I recommend this product? If you have very problem eye areas I think it would be a nice product for you. Will I repurchase this product? Not likely as I don't think it is quite the right size for my eyes. 

Briony xx

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