Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Update: New Schedule and Youtube

Hey all!

I want to start with my new schedule, posting everyday was difficult and not mantainable. I am now going to aim to post every second day. So the series on my blog with be fortnightly not weekly, so you won't get bored with the content. I think this will better for the blog and I am hoping I can maintain this schedule. I got slightly unmotivated once my adsense account got deactivated. If you have any tips for that I would love to know! I think it can't be fixed though :(.

Now on to YouTube I recently decided that I am not going to post another video until I lose 10kgs. I want to be skinnier before I post more videos. I feel like my videos will look better once I have slimmed down a little (no where near my complete goal though). I am also using this as motivation to keep me focused on my big goals of becoming healthier and fitter. I also feel like I will be more confident once I have lost that much weight and I think that will come through in my videos.

Briony xx

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