Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lack of a Skincare Routine

Hey all

I am a bit of a fail when it comes to having a consistent skincare routine. I was medication last year for my skin and was only allowed to use a few skincare items as my skin was very sensitive. Since I wasn't allowed to do much I really eased up on having a routine. Also during this period I was barely wearing any makeup. I didn't wear makeup to uni, I was only wearing makeup to work and going out with friends or Kale. This meant  I wouldn't need to take my makeup off every night and this has made me lazy! 

Now I work most days so I am wearing makeup almost daily, makeup free days have become more rare this year. So I can't afford to go to bed without washing my face any day even if I am already falling asleep on the couch. Also I finished my medication six months ago, am now allowed to wax yay! The pimples are now appearing again only occasionally, but still!. If I don't start to have a routine and cleaning my skin than the pimples will come back in full force. I believe that have a new and consistent skincare routine will help me keep my skin clear like the medication did. Also did you know that not taking your makeup up for a whole month will age you 10 years! Let that be your motivation to remove your makeup every night and not skip it once!

I also want to be more consistent with my skincare routine to find the skincare products that work for me. Along with the fact that I feel like I have my life together when I have done a full routine. Does this happen with anyone else?

Briony xx

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