Sunday, 21 July 2013

10th March 2013- Sunday Spotlight #2 NYX Blush Dusty Rose

Sunday Spotlight: NYX Blush

So this month my favourite blush has been the NYX blush in Dusty Rose. It is one I ordered online and I don’t think is available in Australia. It has been the blush I have been drawn to the most which is saying a lot since I have so many blushes. The name says it all really dusty rose. I have heard a few beauty gurus on YouTube which was why I picked that colour to order. I the colour is subtle enough for every day wear and but can be worn with a bold eye or lip. I don’t think I could rave about this product enough I think it will be something I will give to friends. Also it’s not tested on animals which is awesome.
Briony xx

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