Monday, 22 July 2013

24th March 2013- Sunday Spotlight #4 Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Finishing Powder

My current favourite powder highlighter is the Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brighten. I had stopped using this product as I found it was getting hard to use. It randomly stopped putting as much product on my brush so it got pushed aside for other highlighters. Although recently it has been the one I am pulling out to use. It is a pinky pearl colour which I like on my pale skin. I think it is a very pretty look and gives a nice touch of highlight. I know use a small blush brush to apply this or my fingers bigger brushes do not get much product of the bakes surfaced. I used this for natural daily looks and even more dramatic night looks. It is a long lasting product I have had it months and it looks like it has barely been touched so no need to be thinking about re-purchasing but I think I would when in the very far away future when I run out.

Briony xx 

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