Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Skin Update: Just Over 2 Months mark

So I have now increased my dosage of Oratane and it is very visible.My skin has gotten a hell of a lot dryer on all over my body. My face is dry too but I am keeping my face from feeling completely tight by using my rose hip oil. My body I have had to change completely my routine. For the first two months I was fine with just using a moisturising body wash, shaving with moisturiser and putting on a moisturiser every so often. After I had up the dosage my body felt dry and had start doing something daily. I am now using coconut oil as I have heard lots of raving reviews about the multiple uses of coconut oil. So far I am loving it but I will write a full review later on when it has been more than a week. I feel like my skin has less breakout now meaning that the worst is finally over and the clearing will begin. hoping that the redness in my skin will go away also. That is enough for this update but I am sure I will have plenty more to tell you soon!
Briony xx

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