Tuesday, 23 July 2013

4th of October 2013- Amazing Eyeliner

I got a new eye liner for my birthday it was the Bourjois Liner Feutre Ultra Black 24 hr. I needed a new eye liner as my face of Australia one has almost run out. So excitedly I decided to test it’s claim of 24 hr by making a dash on my hand. You know what it lasted over 24 hours on my hand which included two baths and heaps of hand washing. I decided it passed the first test of lasting so I wore it cheer training. After tears and lots of rubbing of the eyes it remained looking almost the same as it had when I put it on. I did have panda eyes after the tears but with a wipe of a tissue they were all gone and my liner was looking amazing once more. I am sold this is my new favourite eye liner and I am so grateful for my friend getting it for me!

At first I found the felt tip slightly difficult to use as it is longer and skinnier than the Face Of Australia eye liner. However After using the liner more I find it easier to do a think line and my eye liner turns out more even.
Briony xx


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