Sunday, 18 August 2013

Spotlight Sunday #8 Hydraluron

Hey lovelies

I'm back again with another review for you. Today's spotlight product is the Hydraluron which I recently Hauled. I haven't had it that long yes, but I am already amazed about the fast results of this product! It is definitely worth the hype which it has received. I have used it on my face a few times which I felt my skin feel soft and hydrated not something too different from my lovely rosehip oil. I also tried this product on my hand and this is where I saw unbelievably amazing results. I have dermatitis on my right hand not as gross as it sounds. However my hand was looking bright red, bumpy, flakey and like it was going to scab up. So I decided to used it on my hand one night when I was putting it on my face. The next day my hand actually didn't look like I had dermatitis at all, my hand had completely gone back to a normal colour and was not scabbing at all. I still had some bumps but they are slowly going to away more each night I use this. I wish I had taken a picture of my hand the night before I first tried it on my hand I just wasn't expecting such amazing results. So if your skin is seriously lacking hydration and is really dry please try this. It can be used by itself or under moisturiser. I am seriously loving this product right now. I haven't decided if it will be a staple in my facial routine but I know that I will always keep this on hand for when any of my skin is dry.

P.S If you are one drying medication like me you will love this so much as it works fast and helps your skin if you accidentally skip one night/day of moisturising!

Briony xx

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