Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How To Beat Dry Lips

I have said it a million times, I know, but my current medication dries out my skin and leaves my lips chapped. So this year I have been interested in finding products that actually work at hydrating chapped lips. I have found a few that I adore and couldn't live without. 

If you're Australian or been reading my blog a while this should be no shock to you. It is my number one lip treatment and honest if I could only have one beauty product for the rest of my life this would be the one, it's love guys. This transforms your lips overnight so it is s must for next to your bed. It is also multipurpose so just an amazing product in general. 

On the more expensive side of things but an awesome product. I got mine from feelunique on sale where you had to buy something from First Aid Beauty. I have it in purple and blue but I can't tell the difference between the two. They smell like sweet mint. 

This product is amazing! I got it from the chemist in a little pack when I first went on my current skin medication. So it is highly recommend and world amazingly. I it has a strange smell and taste, it's not bad though and feels slightly medical. It also can leave my lips feeling slightly plumped which I don?t have a option about. This product can seriously make my gross chap lips feel normal by the ned of the day. It is pretty cheap also which is bonus along with being Australian made. 

Lips scrubs are also helpful but more on that another time. 

Briony xx

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