Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sample Queen #1 - Australian Bush Flower Essence Body Love DailyEssence Moisturiser

I wrote this and everything deleted sorry. Silly iPad. So if you want to know more leave in it the comment as I may forget something when I retype this. 

 Australian Bush Flower Essence Body Love Daily Essence Moisturiser. It is an Australian made and organic. The scent is one of Australian brush flowers. Purchase here, It's $19.95 for 50 ml. It can be used as a face, body or hand moisturiser.

I found the scent amazing, you just think you are going brush walking. I think I would repurchase this moisturiser just for the scent alone. I used this one my body as I feel like it there is too much fragrance for my sensitive face. It soaked into the skin at a reasonable rate and I didn't feel too sticky. I didn't take notice of whether the scent was still there as I forgot so I am not sure if it was because the scent faded or if the I just simply got used to the scent. 

In all honesty I would not repurchase this product if I can only get it online. If I saw it at Priceline, Target or another easy place to get skincare I think I would repurchase it for the smell. I think there is a shipping fee on the website and I don't know enough products from the brand to make it worth it. 

Briony xx

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