Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shaving Cream Vs Body Moisturiser

This year I recently tried shaving cream for the first time ever. At 21 I had never tried shaving cream it wasn't until I moved out and started living with my friend Jess that I had tried it. Sorry Jess I may have used your shaving cream haha. It was tempting to try since it was sitting in my shower. Now on less of a rant. So since I was so new to what I am sure everyone uses I thought I would share my experience.

Shaving cream 
-it's easier to see where you have already shaved and where you still need to shave 
-It's more fun. Can you tell I am new too it? 
-comes in many scents 

-Can gets rusty

-Cheap, very cheap 
-Skin feels amazing afterwards 
-Many varities 

-Not as easy to see where you have already shaved 
-If to get scented versions it can be expensive

Honestly I will continue to use moisturiser as I love the feeling afterwards and i think it leaves legs Feeling than they do with shaving cream. I think it is the best and it is so cheap and easy. I use the Redwin one sorbelene one but you can get home brand verso d for even cheaper. It cost a few dollars for a big litre with pump container. 

What do you use? 

Briony xx


  1. I have always used shaving cream. As soon as I jump out of the shower I use a body oil (Neutrogena's atm) before I even dry myself and it soaks in and feels absolutely awesome. Probably not cheaper but I honestly just use whatever shaving gel I find on sale; even if it's mens.. nice manly smell haha

  2. I usually buy the really cheap conditioner. Usually about 99 cents xD But your legs feel really soft afterwards... Though I did try shaving cream for the first time overseas. The hotel gave us Dove shaving cream for women (never seen it in Australia) So I had to get my boyfriend to teach me how to use it...
    Lets just say that I'll stick to conditioner~