Monday, 30 December 2013

I'm Moving!

Hey all,

I feel like I have been all about updates lately sorry! I am moving so I thought I would keep you updated and let you all know I have put most of my make up into boxes for the move. I still have some in make up bags of course, so I can do my make up still! I have more than I need for an everyday face though , ooops. I am thinking I will do a 'whats in my make up bag video?' would you be interested?

That's pretty much all! I don't know where I am moving to yet which is concerning considering the day we need to be gone is fast approaching. I will keep you posted on that! When we do finally find a place I was thinking of doing some moving vlogs as I really enjoy them and I want to get into some vlogging as I really enjoy vlog videos.

Briony xx

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