Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goals and Wishes for 2014

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new year and with that all the new hopes of the future. I know that you can start a new goal during any day of the year but their is always something extra special about the new year!

Here are a few of my wishes for the new year.

1. Loose Weight
Pretty common one really but for good reason, being in a healthy weight range is help you stay healthy and make you less prone to illness. After being sick for the last part of this year I am ready to change up my weight. I begin to be super motivated I may even write a few posts.

2. Have Routine
Routine is something I am lacking in my life right now. University just finishing, part time work and having a partner who does shift work can really make routine hard. All 2013 I have been lusting after a time in my life where I have proper sleeping patterns and I think 2014 is the year to finally have it. I would also like routine in my posts on here and youtube, this could be harder but a goal I would like to achieve but the end of 2014.

3. Grow an Audience
I think most bloggers and vloggers would always aspire to increase their audience and I am no different. I feel more motivated to write and film when I can see people have been reading, commenting or watching. I can only see the way to grow my audience by being dedicated and motivated on my blog/ youtube. So that is something that will be a focus of 2014.

4. Get a Proper Job
This is my most important goal for the year and I think if I am capable of achieving this job it will really help all my other goals fall into place. As you know I am just about to Graduate my Bachelor Degree in Marketing. I would love to actually use my degree and begin working full time. So fingers crossed that I will soon find a job that is right for me.

What are you hopes for 2014? I would love to know!

Briony xx

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