Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hair Care Routine February 2014

Hey All

I Never wrote about this but in December I dyed my hair! In China actually one Saturday morning while I was there I bad the brave choice to trust someone who could not understand me at all! Five hours later I had an ombre hair. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, though I may change in a couple of months to make it more bold. No regrets though as I love it!

( Here is a selfie from the day I got it done)

Since dying it I have been trying to take better care of my hair. Honestly this can be a struggle as I really am not a fan of brushing my hair. It has gotten pretty long so it does get knotty pretty easily. I have been trying to fix this issue by hair my hair in plaits quite often, which is fine since I love the looks of them. I am hoping I can rock that Katniss look soon!

One of things that I believes is an important part of my hair routine is using coconut oil in my hair. I love just heaping it on the ends of my hair and putting a tiny amount on my roots before I wash my hair. I will do this at least an hour before I shower to let it have an affect on my hair. I will just it in a top or a plait once it is in to keep the oil from going over my clothes. I will do this about once or twice a week.

(Straight from the shower!)

For shampoo and conditioner I still use the Wella Professinals series. Though I have changed to the moisture set since last writing about them. I find these to make my hair feel better than the shine ones ever did. Plus it makes me not feel bad for bleaching my hair! They are only supermarket shampoos but they are still good quality and I would recommend them. I will try higher end ones when I start working full time to see if I find any where I think there is a difference.

Someone things I do that I think help my hair stay healthy. I try to only wash my hair two times a week and I will attempt to extend the time between my washes as much as possible. I do this as I don't want my hair to feel or be dry! If I think my hair is starting to look oily I will use dry shampoo although I rarely need it. As my hair is used to having this amount of washes and because my skin treatment made my hair not get oily. Though as the affecrts of my treatment wear off I may have to begin washing more regularly. I also don't use heat on my hair majority of the time. I honestly will only use heat styling if I am going out at night these days. As I have learnt to enjoy my natural hair. That and my cat broke my GHD a few months ago.

What are your favourite hair care products? I would love to know!

Briony xx

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