Saturday, 22 February 2014

Helping Jess # 1

Today we are talking brushes. Jessica is not a fan of washing her brushes and this drives me insane as whenever I see her foundation brush  I want to cry! She is aware of my disgust of her brush though as I make a point to tell her every time I see it. It is crusty, crusty!!! I honestly would not be surprised if she has never washed it! There is baby shampoo in our bathroom, she knows that I use it for my brushes. I did wash it the other day because I was so grossed out by it!

Anyway since jess is so horrible at washing her brushes or more just brush as she doesn't have many. I purchasing her Real Technique brushes for her birthday. Since I figured that she needs some in her collection and that this will encourage her to wash her brushes also!

I purchased the core collection, the eye starter set and the setting brush. I will take some photos and blog when she gets them! I made the order from I Herb so we also decided to get some liquid chlorophyll as we are interested in it's health benefits. We did do some research into don't worry. However if it's good enough for Megan Gale I'm sure it's good enough for us!

Briony xx

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  1. I was so tempted to buy the Cholophyll at work today but it was so expensive...