Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spotlight Sunday #12 Maybelline Express Remover

Hey all,

This weeks spotlight product is dedicated to my beautiful sister Megan, who bought the Maybelline Express Remover for me! I have seen nail polish removers before on YouTube but had never actually seen them in Australia. It is as simple as it sounds and oh boy do I love the simplicity of it. This is a true creation for the lazy girl! Maybe the time poor too.

You literally put your fingers in the sponged area and twirl your finger around for about two second and your nail polish will be gone. It does take a couple of seconds extra for glitter or black, but I have found it is only a few seconds longer. It is a lot easier than the old method of removing nail polish and takes dramatically less time. It is also very portable as it is just a container and lid, everything is all together. I plan to take this away with me on my next holiday.

Will I repurchase this product again? Yes, of course, it is perfect for when your nails are chipped but you don't have enough time to take them all off with cotton balls/pads. It basically encourages me to be lazy and leave things to the last minute. Which I am okay with.

Briony xx


  1. I love the idea of this! Definitely need to pick one up, I'm so lazy with taking off my nail polish. ^.^

  2. Does the sponge get dirty and clogged at all?

    1. The sponge is black so it doesn't get dirty and I'm not really sure if it would clogged but I don't think so.