Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow vs Australis Tint My Brow

I recently picked up the Australis Tint My Brow so that I could compare it to the Benefit Gimme Brow. I do really enjoy using the Benefit Gimme Brow, which you would know if you read my 2013 Favourites.

Firstly, the Benefit product, if the right amount is applied, goes on with ease. It's an awesome shade match and is just the most simple brow product there is. The small brush helps with the application and the product is more dry than wet, making it only going on the brows. I am so glad that I tried this product and I think it will stay a staple in my makeup collection. The price in Australia is slightly high ( when is it not?!), so using the benefit website is recommended as it is U.S retail price and if you spend $125 international shipping is free. 

Australis' Tint My Brow, at first, is an extremely wet product so I would recommend using a tissue to wipe off extra product before using. If you don't wipe off the product then things can get pretty messy. Unlike the Benefit Gimme Brow the brush is the size of a normal mascara wand so its reasonably big compared to my eyebrows. Tint My Brow is a slightly off colour match for me, as it more on the red side than brown. I find over all this a product that you have to work to make it look good.

Overall I think my Benefit Gimme Brow can not be beaten I am truly in love with the product. I think the Australis product isn't bad it just isn't the right colour for me and isn't as simple so I tend to go towards the easy option.

I think the Australis one is a better suit for my house mate Jess and I am sure you will see me using this on her soon. As we are planning some videos together.

Briony xx 

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