Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Makeup Storage #1 Lipstick

Hey all!

I recently got a new set of draws from Ikea and I will be sharing this with you in a video soon but for now little by little as the draws are a complete mess. So today we are talking about my new lipstick holders. I got mine from eBay, I seriously should be banned! Here is my seller, I have used them twice once last year, one was broken and they replaced it straight away for free so I do recommend them.

(Sorry for the poor quality photo!)

I currently have 37 lipsticks which is crazy! Most of them are Revlon as I got given a cube (9 lipsticks) and eBay got me in bulk deal for 6 of the Moon Drop ones, plus some Lip butters! Then my other container is full of a mixture of brands ranging from high end to 'drug store'.

I just really like the way these look in my draws. It is easy to see the brand and the colour. It frees up room in my draws so that I can organise the draw with other makeup items. I really think that having my lipsticks arranged like this will help me use all of my lipsticks instead of just favouring the one colour.

Briony xx

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  1. I was wondering if nail polish fits into these? I was thinking of buying these a few days ago but I wasn't sure if it would fit normal nail polish tubes. :D