Monday, 14 April 2014

Makeup Wipe Monday #10 Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Cleansing Wipes

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It's Monday and you know what that means Makeup Wipe Monday post! Today we are focusing on the Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Cleansing Wipes.  I have done a post on the original makeup wipes. The originals ones are very hyped about on Youtube and the blogging world, So when I saw these on sale I thought I would snatch them up. The Simple range is actually on sale this week at Coles for two more days. (ends Tuesday 11:59pm).

I enjoyed the wipes overall there are a good consistency and reasonably moist. The wipes take off all of your makeup in the one go. The wipes are also really gentle on skin and don't leave them feeling tight or looking red! There is nothing that I can say with these wipes.

I however do not find these different to the original wipes and I am not sure what actually makes them age resisting! I don't see how a makeup wipe can prevent aging in all honesty. I got these because I do like the original wipes and thought I would try a different version of the same wipes.

Would I recommend them? Yes. Would I repurchase them? I would suggest going for the original or go for my favourites Coles ones.

Briony xx

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