Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spotlight Sunday #14 Kit Gel Nail Polish Set


If you watched my recent favourites than you would know that I got a gel nail polish kit for Christmas from my sister. Mine is from Kit Cosmetics and I purchased the extra nail polished from Mecca. You can find it here, here or here. Each nail polish is $15 which is the same price as their ordinary nail polishes. The  machine itself is $69.95, which cheaper than some of the ones available at Priceline.

The machine is a single nail one which you can twist around to use on your toenails. The light can go on for 10, 20 or 30 seconds. I use the 30 seconds setting and the nail polish is completely dry after the 30 seconds. The machine uses a USB port for power, so computer or phone charger to make it work. It also comes with a nail polish remover, foil and cotton to be able to remove the gel polish when you want it removed.

The process of using the kit is extremely fast and mess free. I love it as it means no wrecked nails because your nails are wet. One coat is only needed for full colour from the polishes also, however to make it last longer I would recommend putting on two coats. The last power is pretty good with gel nail polish also. My finger nails lasted a few days, only short as being a check out chick kind of chips your nails. My toenails have been on for a couple of weeks and no chips.

Would I recommend this gel polish set? Yes I would highly recommend this one in particular, although I think any gel polish kit should be a staple in any girls collection.

Briony xx

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