Friday, 9 May 2014

Flashback Friday #9 My 2005 Self!

Hey all!

This week I am taking you all the way back to 2005! When I was in year 7! This was the year that I met most of the bloggers that I am forever raving about on my blog, Brodie and Tara. However this has nothing to with the friends I made in year 7 at all, just a little shout out to my gal pals. 

Today's post is actually a photo shoot my sister and I did. She decided she wanted to make her own magazine, who wasn't guilty of this, I was going to be the cover model. I am wearing a second hand cheese cloth dress that she wore to 60's or 70's theme party, we though it screamed high fashion clearly. You can see my stick on bra (please excuse that!) There is also cleavage because even at 14 I was busty, but I think we did use bronzer to make them look bigger as it was for the cover after all! 

I don't think I am wearing very much makeup but mainly bronzer. My sister did all of the makeup anyway. I find it funny to think that now my hair looks basically the same since I cut it Monday, so very suited to this week! (blog post or video will come soon about my new hair!)

Cover material? What  do you think?

 Briony xx