Saturday, 10 May 2014

Shameless Selfies #6

Hey all

I sharing more selfies as I like selfie Saturdays this week has a lot of different hair styles which I hope you enjoy! 

Milk maid Plaits on my head!

Zoella inspired hair and my house warming. 

Date night! 

The insta I took when I finished season 3 Game of Thrones and I had to wait ages for season 4. It's back now finally!!

Before filming Princeline Hair Care Bag Hau

Sneezed with with mascara on! Oops

Looking crazy but look how good the YSL shocking mascara is!!

Velour lips Australis in MA-LI-BOO.

Until next time.

Briony xx


  1. You are so pretty and i love your milk maid braid, like Zoella ! Beatifull xx

    Please check out my blog too,