Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lust Have It - Bonus Box - New Products #5 May 2014

Hey darlings

I recently re-subscribed to Lust Have It and signed up for a three month subscription. Since I paid for the three boxes upfront I got a free box. I'm not sure if I got two boxes free haha but more on that in another post. There was no Card so I don't have the most details on all the products.

I am super grateful for the free box but some of these items I can't feel but think they are left overs that they just couldn't get rid of. 

Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment
This product I got in a box months ages ago and I was not that big of a fan of it then. I will eventually use it, as papaw ointment is a staple for the winter months here in Melbourne. Dry and chapped lips are not a good look on anyone! So this will be in my handbag or car to insure that I have smooth, hydrated lips all year round. 

Nicole by O.P.I 
For one this is the third time I have been given the purple colour in a box. Seriously this one colour seems to be in every box is it one of their best sellers or something? Or is it just one of the least popular colours. The silver is a pretty interesting colour but one that I doubt it is one that I will really use but it may make a cute accent nail. 

Camouflage Colour Lip Gloss 012 White Cherry
This is one of the ugliest coloured lipglosses I have ever seen! White gloss I'm not sure why anyone would wear this and I do not plan on using this. I will most likely see if someone is interested in it but I find that is highly unlikely. 

Seacret Buffing Block
This is the best thing in this box! My house mate Jess gave me this a few months ago. Everyone in the house loves this! Even Kale, mine you I have to do it on him and he just likes that this makes your nails so shiny. Seriously could not recommend this buffing block enough not that I have any idea what the price is! 

Paula's Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution
I have also recieved this product before and I didn't use it. Kale actually did. He was complaining about his skin and while looking through all my samples this is what we decided he would try. He enjoyed so I might give it ago this time or give it to him. 

Briony xx

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