Monday, 5 May 2014

Makeup Wipe Monday #13 Garnier Refreshing Makeup Wipes Normal to Combination Skin

Oh hai!

This week I am focusing on the Garnier Refreshing Makeup Wipes Normal to Combination Skin. These were on sale when I was grocery shopping a while back and I just had to get them. Garnier recently updated their skincare range with adding new products along with updating the packaging on the old.

The ones I picked up are for normal to combination skin, which I always find it difficult it decide whether the wipes suit section skin types. I think if you have skin issues don't use just makeup wipes! These wipes are the bumpy kind that I like, I feel like they remove makeup better with the bumps. These are moist and stay considerably wet for a long period of time in the packet.

Would I recommend these wipes? Yeah I would, I think they are great quality. Will I repurchase them? Maybe if they are on sale.

Briony xx

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