Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spotlight Sunday #17 Frank Coffee Scrub

Hey all

If you read or watched my Top 13 Products of 2013 then you would know that I am a fan of Frank Coffee Scrub. It is the best body scrub that I have ever used! It is an Australian Brand which is awesome as I love supporting Australian brands. The website is the only  you can get your hands on some and their Instagram is one of my favourites to follow.

The original scrub

The scrub smell exactly like coffee which I love and it can pep you up a little in the morning during your shower. There is also the Coconut & Grapeseed version and OMG this is the best smelling thing in the world! I love scrub because it actually scrubs your skin instead on just becomes a body wash! It can be harsh on your skin while still being gentle. Your skin feels really soft after you showered. It also has a slight residue after the shower which is moisturising, which I needs comes from the oils that are in scrub.

The scrub also claims to help get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, I'm completely fine with them going away! I'm not 100% sold whether it makes a heap of a difference in regarding stretch marks but I feel like I can see a little improvement.

Frank will repost customers pictures and people seem to put this on their face too. I personally think that this scrub is too harsh for your face and wouldn't recommend it. I think that is what makes it so good for your body because it made for your body which can take a lot more than your face can.

Would I recommend it? Yes I have already purchased this as gifts for friends! They may or may not have beauty blog of their own ;). Will I repurchase this? Yes I already have because it is the best scrub ever.

Briony xx

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