Monday, 19 May 2014

Sample Queen #5 Bioderma Nourishing Cream

Hello Everyone and welcome to sample week!!

How cute is this little sample!
I am very happy to start this very special week with you all, as this is the first feature week I have done on the blog and I think it is just so much fun. What can I say, I just love writing my blog!

I recently tried the Bio Derma Nourishing Cream for Dry to Very Dry Skin. I can't remember which box I got this from but I had two little 8ml tubes of this product so I have been trying it out for a long enough time to decide whether I would like to continue with it. Pesonally I think the 8ml was a great size to get and the little tubes lasted over a week each! I find moisturisers a little goes a long way!

The consistency of the moisturiser is very wet/ Liquid is is not a firm cream and it can be a little messy when squeezing the product out. Though I it's thinnest means the moisturiser is lighter and don't take forever to sink into the skin. I used this as a day time moisturiser although it could easily be used as a night time one as well, although I tend to prefer thicker creams or oils at night time.

I feel that even though this is a moisturiser targeted towards dry skin that it good to use as a sort of primer for makeup, in the sense that when you only use moisturiser to prime your face for foundation then this is a great option. I didn't find that it made my face feel oily later in the day while wearing this foundation.

Would I recommend this moisturiser? Yes I would. Would I repurchase? Now this is the tricky part. I really enjoyed the moisturiser but the cost of this is a lil cray in Australia. I will definitely consider it and when Priceline do their 40% off skincare I can say I am 90% sure I will purchase it then.

Briony xx

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