Monday, 9 June 2014

May 2014 Favourites

Hey all

I have been pretty good with uploading favourites monthly but this months I decided not to as I feel I don't have enough items to talk about in a video. Also I am not sure how often I will uploading as of late as I am not feeling it right now. Maybe soon I will be in the mood to film again.


I recently have been loving the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation. It was on sale for half price at coles a few weeks ago and I couldn't say no the price. Boy was I surprised with how good the foundation is! Don't get me wrong I knew it had a lot of hype but I don't always seem to like the foundation that everyone is loving. If you haven't tried this foundation then you are missing out seriously!

Next we have Socialeyes False Lashes which I hauled for you this month! I am slowly getting a little better with false lashes and this have something to do with it! I recently was the makeup artist for a friends art project and I used the Flirt Socialeyes lashes and they looked amazing on the model! They didn't look fake and they made such a different (the model has naturally long lashes but this made a statement!)

The NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder which I recently hauled from a beauty joint order. I am really enjoying this bronzer for an everyday look, as it is matte and not too dark. It has made me start wearing bronzer everyday again which is something I had stopped when my Nars Laguna smashed! Also it makes a great crease colour.

That is all for makeup favourites most of the other products used this month were ones that I have already praised in other months!


Game of Thrones! I am addicted to this show and I don't know how I am going to cope with it being off air for another year! I will be rewatching all the episodes and reading the books to keep me sane!

Reign I became addicted to in May and it is sadly over for the season. I love this show as it based around Mary Queen of Scots so you can imagine how beautiful the clothing and the hair is. The two love interests are pretty cute too. Also there are Australian's in the show which is pretty cool and something that will generally draw me in.

Big Bang Theory Kale and I have been watching this most nights throughout the month and we became pretty addicted. I was never really interested in the show but now I love it.

Lastly Sex and the City has been another show I have watched a lot of this month. I watched at least three seasons in May. I have nevered finished the show and last year I decided I was going to watch it from start to finish. That went well, I finished season 1 quickly then I couldn't find the season two dvd so I put it off. Then Jess (Housemate Tag) watch 4 seasons without me! So I just never got around to watching more. Now however I have been committed to finishing the show! Hopefully I can post that I finished it next month!


I don't have much other favourites this month other than Yoga. I signed up to do a month Bikram Yoga and really enjoyed the Yoga side. I didn't go to that many of the classes as I got sick with a pretty bad cold in May but I really enjoyed it. I think I will continue with Yoga from now on even if it is using my Wii. However a 40 degree room for someone who constantly has a blocked nose is a little too much!

Okay one more Sample week!

Briony xx

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