Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cara Delevingne Get Her Look

Hey all 

Does anyone else think that Cara Delevingne is one of the most stunning people alive? Yeah well me too! When I got the Australis Velourlips in the Rio-D colour and actually swatched the it I fell in love with it. I want the whole collection of Velourlips and the Orange was not one that I was in a rush to buy. However after swatching the colour I realised it was in fact a really wearable colour. After putting it on my lips a few times I realised the similarities between the colour of Cara lips in this famous photo that I have posted below and the Australis one. 

Once I realised the I had the lip colour I was on the hunt for the right eyeliner. Mine isn't an exact match but it was as close as I could find at Priceline. It is the Models Prefer Infinite Colour Eye Pencil in Teal Maybe. I hauled it right here

The final touches to the look really are add some bronzer to contour to get that supermodel look. Some white eyeshadow on the inner corner and all over the lid. I added some Socialeyes false lashes and some black eyeliner to hide them slightly. (Although I was pretty bad at putting on the false lashes, practice makes perfect right?). Brows are also a must for any Cara inspired look! I am forever posting Gimme Brow so no picture needed just look at my last few posts! So make your eyebrow game strong like Cara. 

Not my Picture. I got it from the interweb. 
This does have an Instagram filter on it!

No filter but the photo doesn't do the lip colour justice! 

All the extras to make the look! 

Australis Velourlips Rio-D 

Models Prefer Teal Maybe

Swatchy Swatch Swatch

Briony xx

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  1. I love velourlips! I just recently bought one and am in love with the finish. Gorgeous look!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo