Friday, 4 July 2014

Flashback Friday #10 2006

Hi all, 

You can tell from the pictures that these are from 2006. My hair was short this year and can I say I hated the fringe. I am now very scared to get fringes now, I'm not sure if it's that that they didn't suit me or if my hairdresser wasn't any good at cutting fringes. Honestly it could be because I have more of a three-head! 

I also had one of those hair machines that would spin color into your hair I think it might have been a conair one. Honestly I won this and really only used it once, since it was a lot of effort to make the colour actually appear in my hair! This was mainly suited for blonde hair like most coloured products, le sigh. 

Now I don't think I was wearing any makeup in either of these pictures. I wasn't that into wearing makeup at this point of my life it was only special occasions. It meant that I was pretty bad at makeup and have not that mainly pictures of my skills back then! There should still be some from parties though. 

I remember one of the older boys from first job told me not to wear makeup when I rocked up to work with it on! I had spent the day with one of best friends at the time and we had done our makeup with products we had just purchased! I think that speaks for my natural talent before watching way too many hours of youtube! I don't think he was trying to be mean though. 

Briony xx

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