Thursday, 24 July 2014

Makeup Wipe Monday #16 Kmart Makeup Wipes

Hey all

I recently purchased these wipes recently at Kmart, they were really cheap $2 each. They are both scented even though it doesn't say on the packaging, Sweet Mint and Strawberry. You can tell they are very cheap quality from just looking at them, think super thin. If you have sensitive skin I would not use these wipes on your face as I feel like they are extremely soapy. I don't think I will use them very regularly as they could dry out your skin.

Honestly I feel like these wipes are great for taking off swatches on your hand or maybe wiping off all that build up of foundation on your eyebrows when you have just applied it. You could also use these to take off most your foundation before you shower or use a proper makeup remover. These would not be good to use on a day where you aren't going to use any other method of makeup removing.

Would I recommend these? Yes I would be for swatch removing or makeup blunder removing. Would I repurchase these? Yeah maybe for just removing swatches as I don't like to waste good ones when I am only going to use it for around two seconds and barely any of it.

Briony xx

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