Thursday, 24 July 2014

Top 5: Blushes

Hey all

I have been in love with blush for only a few years now. If you look back at pictures of me during Highschool I would seriously never wear blush and if I did it was because my mum told me I had to. Now I feel I look dead without it! It just makes my face look less pale as it brings some colour to my face. I feel when I fake tan you can't see it as well but I am fine with that since there is already colour on my face!

All of these blushes have been blushes that I have reach for days, weeks and even months in a row. They are the most used blush, most flattering and the certainly my most loved blushes.

Nars Orgasm
If you read my blog or seen my Youtube you know that I am in love with this blush. I think it gives a nice glow. I think the colour is extremely flattering for pale skin. If you are into highlighting than this is a great blush for you. If you don't like the highlighted look then not for you and honestly I think all of this blushes won't be ideal for you. This is a very gold based pinky peach colour. This is pricey but I would recommend this blush so much! If you didn't love it I would be very shocked!

Nars Deep Throat
This blush I wear everyday as I feel like it is a very natural colour. It is slightly shimmery but no where near as shimmery as orgasm which makes me extremely wearable. It is just the perfect pink colour in my opinion which gives you a healthy flush. With all Nars blushes this is highly pigmented in a good a way. I like to have very pink cheeks and so suits my style. Another one that is worth the money but there is a dupe that I would also recommend blog post coming soon I promise.

Nyx Dusty Rose
Last year I was really loving this blush and I reviewed it here. The brand isn't tested on Animals so that is great bonus to the blush. The name really says it all it's a Dusty Rose colour that is wearable all year round. This is another one that has the slightest shimmer, I personally think you look closely but my housemate wouldn't wear it because of the shimmer. This is also super affordable so it won't break the bank like Nars might

Benefit Coralista
I am a big fan of the Benefit Box Powders and this has to be one of my favourites. This is a shimmery coral colour that is great for summer. This is super pigmented and you have to be light handed when applying otherwise you with end up looking clown like. These are on the pricey side but you save a fortune if you purchase from the Benefit website. I hope to one day own all the Benefit Box Powders, I clearly also have issues. 

Wet n Wild Mellow Wine
This is one of the cheapest blushes I own and it made it into the top 5 out a large collection. Wet n Wild have really pigmented product and the pigmentation of this blush does not disappoint. This a darker pink colour which is great for the colder months. I honestly think this should be a staple in everyone's collection since the price would suit everyones budget!

What is your favourite blush or blushes?

Briony xx


  1. Nars deep throat is one of my all time favs! Definitely great for everyday wear :)

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  2. I'm so horrible with blush... I just always buy the pinkest pinks or the brightest colours...I tend to look ridiculous xD