Tuesday, 23 July 2013

7th Februray 2013- Snowkissed Cashmere Eye shadow Palette- Skylark by Elle & Blair

Snowkissed Cashmere Eye shadow Palette- Skylark by Elle & Blair

It is a Pallete created by beauty gurus on YouTube. I am massive fan which I’m sure my friends, sister and boyfriend would be able to tell you that. I ordered this palette online on Blush which is not the most convenient website as there is a $20 international delivery fee with no option for spending more money and receiving free shipping like other websites. Also not all products are aviable for international shipping.

Onto the palette itself. The packaging is really cute with the only downside it doesn’t have the most protective closing (it is magnetic). It contains 6 eyeshadows, one highlighter and a dual ended brush. The eyeshadows are Lace, Blitzen, Pinecone, Nutmeg, Ember, Shiver and highlighter Satin Sparks.The Lace eyeshadow is the only matte colour and clearly made as a eyebrow highlight. This means that the colour can not be used as an eyelid colour and not as pigmented or quality as all other colours. Blitzen, Pinecone and Nutmeg are all colours that I adore wearing during the day or night. Blitzen is a lovely eyelid colour or all over colour for a minimal Bronzed look. Pinecone and Nutmeg are nice crease colours are easily blended. The colours Ember and Shiver I have used to play around with however they are not colours I would normally wear. A red is not a colour I tended to where on my eyes. The blue is dark and not to light that it looks tranny like. Blue is a nice colour for blue eyes but it can sometimes to be hard to pull off. However I instructions they give to pull off the colour isn’t as simple as is made out to be. The Cheek highlight is an amazing colour to go with a brozned look. It makes an understated look that I have been wearing alot lately. The Brush is is nice quality and one that I am happy to use it everyday.

overall I have been enjoying the pallete alot ever since it was delivered. It is one of my favourite at the moment. I do think it will stay one of my favourites for the next few months I think it will be nice to use in autumn and winter since that was when it was released in the USA.

I may do a tutorial soon let me know if you would like one.

Briony xx

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