Friday, 9 August 2013

Flash Back Friday #1

Okay here is a picture of me back in the day. I think was taken in 2010. I think I look different now and my make up sense is different now.

Eye shadow-
I used to put so much white eye shadow on all over my lid and in the inner corner. I rarely wear white at all any more now as I don't own a nice white since the one I used for this day was very old and need to be thrown out. I still like the look of the white in the inner corner but I hardly do this either. Along with the eye shadow this is just one colour! I enjoy using a lot more colours now and blending in different ones. This photo for taken slightly before I became addicted to YouTube beauty videos.

Eye liner-
This was back in the day where liquid eye liner was scary and too tricky for me to attempt. Don't get me wrong I owned one but it was in a pot and I could not do it for the life of me! Also this is back when I put A LOT of the blackest black eye liner in my water line! It made my very small eyes look even smaller. Anyone know what I was thinking? I have definitely changed my style of eye liner since then. I actually attempt liquid I am still not amazing at it like my friend Brodie. Also I enjoy using white or nude eye liner in my waterline to open my eyes.

I do not have anything on my lips here! I don't always wear lip stuff these days however I tend to actually wear lip stick or a bit of colour now. Well at least before I went on medication and my lips became super super chapped!

I am pretty sure I don't have anything on my cheeks here. Back then I did not have the love for blush that I have now. My mother actually told me I had to put something on my cheeks back then. Which is pretty funny as it made my face look so bland without blush or bronzer.

Also just thought I would tell you I happen to he wearing an vintage top from the 80's shoulder pads and all. hahaha

 Briony xx

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