Monday, 9 September 2013

Makeup Wipe Monday #5

Hey all
This week's Makeup Wipe Monday is focusing  on the Savvy by DB makeup removing wipes with Vitamin E. I got these wipes in my Priceline beauty bag for free and they were ones that I wouldn't have rushed out to try myself. The wipes weren't bad at all. The wipes itself wasn't smooth and had the bumps on them that I like. The material however was pretty thin. It was an average wetness and I feel if it was open for too long it would dry out quicker than other brands. The price is pretty good though which is a bonus with it only being $4.99 and the brand on sale often. Would I repurchase these wipes not likely as I prefer other ones and I still have plenty more to try. Saying that they are not a bad wipe.

(My ratty used up packet!)

Briony xx

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