Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Products Not Worth The Hype #1


There are many products out there that you purchase as there is so much Hype around the Product. I am here to tell you what products I got and was disappointed with or what I expect more from. That is why I am starting this series, I have been wanting to start this series for a long time. I thought it would be better to do this on the blog because I get the time to slowly decided and not say it all at once.  So here we are the first post for this series.

There are two products that I am writing about they are both from Soap and Glory. Firstly Flake Away their scrub which I wanted so badly because of all the raves it got on YouTube. Don't get me wrong I think this smells amazing! However does it get rid of flaky skin like the name suggests no it doesn't. I feel like it is just an expensive luxurious lumpy body wash. I think there are so much better scrubs out there in the market

The Righteous Butter is also another moisturiser that I have seen in multiple YouTubers favourites videos. Once again I love the smell of this moisturiser but I don't think I think it is very moisturising. I found that when my skin was really dry it only made my skin turn red. I didn't find that it soaked into my skin at all and it just stayed on my skin for ages.

I however I do want to try more Soap and Glory products. This in no way will stop me from thinking highly of the brand.

Briony xx

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