Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spotlight Sunday #13 Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Nutrient -Rich Facial Mask

Hey all

You may remember from one of my haul and feb faves I got a face mask from Michael Todd's last year. The  Pumpkin Nutrient -Rich Facial Mask to be exact.  The one I picked was an exfoliating one as I figured it would make my skin look better after the mask opposed to the usual where it draws out the toxins. I don't own a scrub or any chemical exfoliactors so I used this instead of them.

The product does have the warning not for sensitive skin which I ignored, however my housemate tried this out and she felt like the product was burning her. If you have any fresh or open pimples the product will sting your face. I feel a tiny bit of a burn but it is not an bad one for me, just one that shows that it doing something. It also claims moisturise and nourish which is nice.

The smell is pretty strange in all honesty it smell like meat and tomato sauce sandwiches that I had as a child. Which sounds so weird but it isn't bad and maybe it is something else from my childhood but that is what I think of each time! When you put it on your face it looks like you have used Doritos as your foundation, a super hot look if you ask me!

This product makes my skin look and feel amazing the day after using it, which is why I love it so much. I have even had my boyfriend comment on how good my skin looked after using it, which is a sign of a good product to me.

Would I repurchase this product for sure! I am keen to try more Michael Todd products soon.

Briony xx

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